who we are?

Majengo.Africa is a village in Kahe East Ward, Moshi Rural District ,Kilimanjaro regions, Tanzania .The village managed by local leaders and various committees initiate and implement numbers of local projects and activities under the support of Volunteers from Zcheck republic .The activities and projects supervised and monitored by local NGO known as Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization.

TAREO is officially registered in Tanzania Mainland with Reg No. 00NGO/00002649 a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization that carries out its functions and duties in Majengo-Kyomu village ,Moshi rural district since 2012 and legally registered by Moshi distrci council Community Development office as “TUNAKUWA GROUP” Majengo has rooted its activities in empowering the local community and environmental conservation focusing in Education,Income generation,health and many more.

The works and projects have been funded by part of money obtained from donation and fundraising organized by volunteers . Money and donation are not enough to sustain the vision of the MAJENGO ,hence TAREO and other stakeholders looking forward for supportive to local community more.

The Specific objectives of MAJENGO being:-

– To bring reactive and sustainable development that will improve economic and social welfare of the rural people through community based projects.

– To bring awareness to the rural people about their problems through education and to share with them, the solution of problems facing them.

– To carry on any other objectives that would benefit the whole community.

– To carry out activities to educate the community on relevant social and economic issue such as human rights, health and to carry out construction of education, health and social centers.

– Sharing and exchange of information with other Associations, NGOs and International Humanitarian agencies on the issues pertaining to children,youths ,Women and Parents.

– To enhance Gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Volunteer to our projects

Volunteering is the best ways to make things happening where in this regard MAJENGO invites you to volunteer in any of our project. All volunteer will be treated like any other local leaders of MAJENGO and will be guided to the field work by an experienced volunteer’s coordinator. All short term volunteer programmes have a programme fee which covers the expenses of operating the programme. Our volunteering programe starts from one week to four weeks or more . Your warmly welcome to volunteer to our projects.

Make your own fundraising for a project.

We welcome people who are willing to start their own fundraising to any of our project and get community supported.


Through your donation many people in need can get help and make their life goes smoothly as other people. Donate now $10 $ 25 $ 50 $ 100 $ 200 $ 400

Details of bank account in which the Donation funds would be deposited (this is USD account)



BRANCH:                             MOSHIKILIMANJARO

ACCOUNT                            NO :3300844274


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